Ponsse Mods Pack V 2.0

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ponsse-modpack--3 (3)


Version 2.0
So love wood makers, here’s an update to my modpack. What has changed: The Harvester (Scorpions) can now cut stems up to 8 meters in length. Longer why not, since it to increased thereby laying around the Scorpions can come. At 8 meters strains this risk is very low. In addition, they can be better conveyed with the Buffalo. When I began the first tests with the original Buffalo was ringing clear that the 8 meters tribes was already too long for the original Buffalo. So I have the Buffalo crawler a bit optimized. Came out here that I have another stanchion mounted on rear of vehicle. He was back but pretty long, so I built behind a third axis. Runs great now. If you then still have the TrailerSteeringMod in modfolder, then it draws even with. Also, I’ve reduced the speed of rotation of forceps, as with the 8 meter strains pliers pretty fast turns. And a few more little things. Hope you have fun with your mechanic MFG

Giants, monteur1


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