Ponsse Bear 6W V 0.1

ponssebear6w 1 Ponsse Bear 6W V 0.1

ponssebear6w Ponsse Bear 6W V 0.1

-Rot seat every position(up,down.right,left.)
If you don not like it just delete.(there is a picture is the mod how to do it)!
-rot cutterhad
-more power go up the hill
-new arm set
-still use the drivig side funcions so please make sure you were chage it.(num-) or whatever.
Test it and you will see everything!
It is a really nice Ponsse I think and I just love it!
The 4 arm do not move!I know!I do that because the Ponsse weigth!There would be a special weigth and the arm will funcional


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