Papenburg Land V 2.9

papenburger map 8 1 Papenburg Land V 2.9

papenburger map 8 2 Papenburg Land V 2.9

papenburger map 8 3 Papenburg Land V 2.9

papenburger map 8 Papenburg Land V 2.9

With dairy cattle and sheep breeding.
Lots of space for equipment and Gerätschaften.Alles you need is on site.
1 bunch grass and 5 silos differently textured for (2) or silage (3) grass silage (Fahrsiloextension recommended) beet, potato chips and storage. Farmsilo.Wasserstation.Ein Strohaufen to store for loose straw. Straw sale and straw bale trigger.
– Farm buildings:
Raiffeisen country trade, wood chips CHP plant, Raiffeisen mill, Keipe, garden centers, grain storage
Port and Güterbahnhof.Lidl (eggs) Spar (eggs)
-BGA: 3Fahrsilos 2 wedge / postpone a new clamp silos
Contractors: chicken breeding + some halls and shelters.

Traffic, pedestrian (first place only at 2 because not afterwards be set otherwise run 2000 on the map)
ChoppedStraw (gehäcksltes straw)

Various buildings and textures of
Jimkerk: tags and umtextuieren of buildings
Fatian: roads and paths,
Tessman85: Ground textures
Ni Modding: halls and houses Pack
818vario: Hall
DeutzDx85: Börger slurry tanks
chopped SRAW: webalizer_ls
And many More


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