My Little Country V 1.1 ChoppedStraw / Wool Range Collector

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Version 1.1 ChoppedStraw / wool range Collector
V1.1Neuerungen / changes / fixes WolPaletteCollector installedMarhu ChoppedStraw v15.03 involved yard trigger should now be suited for field definitions CP / box 4 Corrects Garden Center – Trigger / saplings Buy / Fixed cow / Schaaf Feeders now renewed with bucket filled pig + / Scripts Visible animals was reduced to 6Tiere per pasture / because the cows and chickens on the farm are cowshed has been postponed by a few centimeters / Eingefrohrene cows Schaaf pasture NavMesh changed / Eingefrohrene sheep BGA bunker silo inserted attributes and the capacity increased to 60,000 sawmill was paying far too high. was. Significantly reduced. Sawmill Dekohäuschen were on the rails / Eliminates sawmill logs not drawn / Eliminates The train the train on the rails posit .. (floated easily in the air) lanes there are the forests nu in the village is now a pedestrian crossing to the bank (signs and stripes) A ​​little trees and bushes in the village distributed (deco) Likewise, in the woods some bushes and fungi distributed gold coins are no longer visible after restart and zt. Arranged new hunting Decks / Towers in the forest with Scotty nu :) trees floating in the air / Eliminates rape texture of Eribus was mistaken with grass stubble! Permission has been granted! Startfahzeuge exchanged ..



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