Mod Descriptor V 1.0

moddescriptor (1)


1. Introduction modDescriptor is a program for easy creation of modDesc.xml files, the 15 requires the Landwirtschafts Simulator for every mod. The program is currently in the beta phase, ie, errors may be present, or functions are missing.
2. The FAQ modDescriptor not work for me, what can I do? First, try to download the ModDescriptor again. If that does not help, then post a comment with the error message. I have found a bug, where can I report it? Simply Leave a comment here and in the best case before the comment “Bug:” Insert. Can I submit a suggestion for a new feature or an improvement? Yes, even here just leave a comment and the comment with at best “proposal:” start.
3. License This program is FREEWARE. Use and / or disclosure is / are free of charge and permitted as long as no changes are made to the software. The developer of this product shall not be liable for any damage to hardware or software.

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