MAN TGS 18440 Pack V 1.3

man-tgs-18440-pack (1)


version 1.3
EDIT version 1.3 MAN TGS 18.440: work light forward new positioning, new front license plate positioning, revised specular texture of additional lamps, modified standard color when buying, added exhaust particle system MAN xml (by i3d was already given); Krampe SB 30/60: basic textures redesigned in version 1.2 I had stated that: QUOTE: “when the lid is closed appeared on the front car on the bridge a” handle “on now This changes the position depending on the condition of the cover (closed / open. ) “QUOTE END -> undone because not a bug, added vehicleShemas default Color changed when buying Others: storepics changed * .zip almost 4 MB reduced (30> 26.1) I known bug: flicker on Bull scavenger still there: / , But I found out that it is NOT on the model itself. Note: Yes, on my part, the wheels were Krampe “allegedly” in the “wrong” mounted. So please, no further comments. It remains so. EDIT version 1.3 END

Giants, SpeedySC1978


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