John deere S680 0.9

1421006966 fsscreen 2015 01 11 22 03 16 John deere S680 0.9

Cultives that you can harvest: Wheat, Barley, Rape, Corn, Soybean, Sunflower, Oat and Rice
-The functions are the same that EU versions , is recommended read the manuar from this combines.
This Pack contains features such as
– Front and rear lights work, besides tube light, all activated with the “F” key
-The ability to leave or straw
-The head contains grain animacioon in fruit, also fold it.
-Combine with this lively work and transport position.
-Driving Particle Systems
-Rean Straw and Chopped Straw Particle systems
-Interactive Control and Light
-Manual Ignition
-Buyable Rape system
-Grain Header have the ability to use crop Ricers
-Dinamic unload particles
-Indoor Sounds
-Header tilt.

Model, Texture and ingame : Julian11
John Deere 640FD : Rafazr



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