Inspector V 2.3

inspector--6 (1)


The Inspector shows you:
– your vehicle (bold) with all of the attached implements and up to two trailers (with cargo),
– all vehicles controlled by helpers (marked with an *) or other players (with name),
– all combines or vehicles that still have load (even uncontrolled ones),
– combines with over 80% load are shown in yellow,
– warning if productivity is below 100%,
– warning if Wool pallete is over 90% capacity,
– if someone has the light beacon activated a “!” is shown,
– water warning,
– vehicles with below 10% Fuel have additional info (Schlüter Super Trac 2500 VL Fuel@9%), if below 4% a warning is shown in red color.

New and improved:
– CTRL + W – toggle full and short output,
– CTRL + D – toggle black or white text,
– CTRL + A – display on/off.



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