Forest Of Dean Map MP V 1.1

forest-of-dean-mp (1)

forest-of-dean-mp (2)

forest-of-dean-mp (3)

forest-of-dean-mp (4)


43 buyable fields some square and some L shaped
Manure plane rises in the cow shed and can be scooped out with manure bucket.
Rising planes in the storage sheds
3 different farms with different purposes
Growth times made Realistically
Tight hedged lanes
Large forest for wood cutting
Many different companies points
BGA and biomass plans
Gas station for fuel please use a fuel bowser to transport
Milk Mod compatible
No AI traffic made for MP purposes
7 Starter pre planted fields none
Places for solar panels and greenhouses

Grain Mill Giants —————– Smoke on the switcher, trigger and grainDump with
textures for same Hermit23 ————– Model (Blender 2.62) and some revised textures.
Patience ———— FS_UK Testers dealing with my silly errors
Many buildings and sheds By NI Modding
alwyn, henly20, rh
Milk Tank bennent Blackdragon223
field textures: ZeFir_POLAND
Straw mod webalizer


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