Food Storage V 3.0

futterlager 6 1 Food Storage V 3.0

futterlager 6 2 Food Storage V 3.0

futterlager 6 Food Storage V 3.0

Rebuild the original potatoes, sugar beet and chips stock of Freakyman. In which wood chips is now also a hole for the next conveyor belt. And the unloading of these chips the size of the beet square was adjusted. A thank you goes to Freakyman here! The bottom plate was joined to the hall. The conveyor belts at the sugar beet and potatoes I have installed with. Unfortunately, that goes with the conveyor belts not with other fruits, but I am off as a solution to be found. You must install the feed store with the Giants editor in your map. But it will be a placeable version once the scripts of Giants are provided. The error in wheat_windrow I have also been fixed. If you still notice other errors, let me know please! I wish you much fun with the feed stock !!!



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