Fast AI Traffic Mod V 1.0


What is faster traffic, I was disturbed that it is as a tractor driver must always overtake the AI traffic, because not just come in the pots. The modified “trafficSystem.xml” from the zip file will change the maximum speed of the AI traffic. So it is of course much more realistic that you no longer overtake the AI traffic kan.
This is not a real mod only modify a few numbers so you save gripe, I’m doing it on my with people who can not change it from whatever reason.

Extract the zip file.
Open the root directory of Farming Simulator 15th
Steam is this> Program Files (x86) ~ ~ Steam SteamApps common ~ ~ Farming Simulator 15 ~ data ~ maps
At the end you will find the file “trafficSystem.xml” bringeth a copy to somewhere in a safe place, you should at a later point in time you want to undo.
Now adds the “trafficSystem.xml” from the zip file into this folder. Deletes the originals only or overwrite it with the one from the zip file. The copy is yes securely stored.

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