Farming simulator 2017 NIVA ROSTSELMASH PACK V1.0.1.0

The pack includes the Niva SK-5 harvester and the LCS-5 reaper.
– Combine Rostselmash Niva CK-5.
There is lighting equipment.
It gets dirty.
Dust and marks from the wheels.
Dynamic tires.
Animation of particles and mechanisms.
The passenger script.
Power 100 hp (basic).
The maximum speed is from 22 km / h to 40 km / h, depending on the installed engine.
The capacity of the fuel tank is 300 liters.
The volume of a grain bunker is 3000 liters.
The cost is 85450 (basic).
Service 280 per day (basic).
Improvements and settings:
– Available cab color selection.
– Wheel color selection is available.
– Installation of double wheels is possible.
– Engine installation “CMD 17K” (basic) power 100 hp,
“CMD 19K” power of 120 hp,
“CMD 21K” power of 145 hp and
“MM3 D.260.1” power 155 hp
– Harvester Hard Stream GKS-5.
There is an animation of particles and mechanisms.
Adjustment position threshed.
It gets dirty.
Harvest: wheat, barley, canola, soy.
Operating speed 10 km / h.
Working width 4 m.
The cost is 15500 (basic).
Service 280 per day.
Improvements and settings:
– Color selection is available.
The log is clean.

Monax Сompany, GIANTS

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