Farming simulator 17 MAP BJORNHOLM V1.3.0.1

Bjornholm version for FS 17

– added Chopped Straw
– minor bug fixed

– pig farm moved
– fixed shed on the farm
– changed starter seeder for Poettinger Vitasem 302A
– changed startup picker on KUHN VariMaster 153 plow
– corrected bug related to lack of ability to sell weights
– fixed field areas for missions
– minor changes in the cow’s cows
– minor changes in the sheep farm
– changed the purchase name to those of FS15

– small changes
– changed textures on startup fields

– pig farm changed
– a modified sheep farm
– corrected teleports
– improved icons on the map
– corrected fields
– Changed purchase names (translated into other languages)
– removed mipmaps

– new starting point
– new launch vehicles
– changes in pigs
– changes in cows
– added new elements
– removed lantern on field 21

I present Bjornholm map of Farming Simulator 17.
The map has been edited. Added pig farm.
Textures from FS15.
Also changed startup machines, those with Farming Simulator 15.
The map looks like the original map from the previous game. Ideal for those with Scandinavian climates.
The package consists of a map, a cultivator and a drill.
Accident to C: / User / Documents / My Games / Farming Simulator 17 / mods /


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