Farming simulator 17 BMW I8 SKIN (REWORK) V1.0

Moin people,
Today, I present the REVISED ADAC Skin for the BMW i8 from John Deere 5615F (TschiZack Gameing) for download.
The i8 comes from John Deere 5615F (TschiZack Gameing).
In the pack (which you have to unpack!) Is only the ADAC diffuse.
You must REPLACE this diffuse by the old Diffuse
A guide (ReadMe) is also available.

1. Unpack the BMW i8.
2. You are first to go to the “Textures” Orden.
3. Insert and replace the Diffuse (i8_Diffuse_ADAC).
4. Now you go back where all folders are found (textures, sounds, …)
5. Select all and then add it to a ZIP file.
6. The ZIP file in the Mods folder.
7. Done!

But now have fun with the new i8 ADAC

Modell: John Deere 5615F
Textur: John Deere 5615F, JoyTec_TV
Script: John Deere 5615F

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