Bale Feed V 2.0

balefeed-mod (1)


With the BaleFeed-Mod Itself bales can therefore einfüttern sprinkle or without mixer feeders. As almost always, put them into the mods folder and you’re done. This works (currently) as did the normal FeedingTroughTipTrigger of cowshed, sheep grazing, etc. The bales accept. If you move the bales on a front loader or trailer in the trigger, the contents of the bales is accepted by the trigger and there is space in the barn, then its content will be completely Call Transferred to the Viehaltung and deleted the bales. It will be taken only whole bales. Currently you can live stock ran thus overfill something but nothing makes. It lost nothing. Why this script? Because I found something very silly to me Specially to buy a diet feeder to be able anreichen only my sheep hay bales. In real life, so this makes Each with front loader + pocket knife. Who wants to produce compound feed, of course, still needs a mixer. For synthesis things are for. But just to open a few bales that’s just complete overkill. MP is tested on dedi + LAN.

Idea / Script: upsidedown
Artwork: Eribus


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