Farming simulator 2017 MAN TGS 18.320 METALTECH V1.0.2.0

Truck MAN TGS 18.320 MetalTech – ideal for small farms. Equipped with a body that allows storing and transporting grain crops, and with the help of a screw conveyor can be loaded into other vehicles and refuel agricultural equipment with seeds and fertilizers.
There are external lights and direction indicators with their indication and illumination on the dashboard, flashing beacons, sensors: speed, speed, fuel, in-game hours, there is a passenger seat, the body has a fill level indicator.
Depending on the chosen equipment: the cost of maintenance, the TTX of the truck, the fuel consumption, the volume of the fuel tank.
And also you can additionally:
– choose the colors of the cabin;
– choose the colors of the rim on the wheels;
– Install wheels with tires with increased terrain;
– Install the engine of the company Common Rail D20 power: 360, 400, 440 hp. or D26 power: 480 and 540 hp;
– Install the rear trailer attachment.

Monax Сompany

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